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12 Of The Coolest Most Successful Internet Marketers
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After months of careful planning and preparation we assembled a POWERHOUSE of Internet marketing rock stars &
forced them to share EXACLY what is working for them right now.

John Thornhill & Omar Martin


From:  John Thornhill & Omar Martin
Re: The Next Level In Your Business


Fellow Entreprenuer,

When we decided to hold the Coolest Marketing Event Ever we thought of all the events that we had ever attended ourselves. We agreed that the most annoying thing to endure at a live event was a "pitch fest". You know when the speaker gets on stage and just delivers a little bit of cryptic information and then pitches you on buying his/her high ticket product in order to get the good stuff.

Arrrg! That is soooooo frustrating! I mean we can understand that the speakers have to make money but why the hell do they leave people hanging on the edge of their seats instead of telling them exactly what they need to do in order to succeed?

We vowed to do it differently, we wanted it to be the Coolest Event Ever and we agreed to put on a NO Pitch event.  We had several meetings and gathered the top people we know in the Internet Marketing arena. REAL EXPERTS THAT ARE ACTUALLY MAKING MONEY NOW. No has beens and no wannabees. Real 6 figure, 7 figure and 8 figure online earners.

We assembled the coolest, brightest and most successful internet marketers we know, then we flew them all to Orlando Florida and locked them in the Heros Ballroom at the Florida Hotel where...

We Forced Them To Deliver 100% Jaw Dropping Eye Popping Value
And They Did,

Over 200 marketers and business owners from all around the globe flew in to witness history in the making. Many of them told us that this was by far the best event they had ever attended. The Coolest Marketing Event Ever was an ENORMOUS SUCCESS and we captured it all on video thats where the Millionaire Marketing Bootcamp Comes In!

Millionaire Marketing Bootcamp

MMB is the coolest members area ever! You're about to get unrestricted access to all the event recordings, transcriptions and much more. This is almost as if you were there in person hanging out with us and learning from  all the following online experts:

Omar Martin

Dr. Ben Adkins

Mike Filsaime

Bryan Zimmerman

E. Brian Rose

Josh Anderson

Marc Milburn

Casey Zeman

Stephen Renton

Anthony Aires

Joe Fierr

Marshall Wayne

Lonnie Robinson

Tom Beal

Zynnia Jezek

Teddy Garcia

This Members Area Is Packed!

You're about to get over 15 hours of detailed training
modules from these popular online experts including 19 video presentations, downloadable PDF transcripts, and web resources.

Video Material Text Material Web Resources

You are getting the tools you need to move your business forward.
Here's What You'll Master:

Millionaire Marketing Bootcamp

  • Module 1 - Making Video Presentations
  • Module 2 - Building A $14 Million Nanacast Funnel
  • Module 3 - From Zero To 1000 Clicks Per Day
  • Module 4 - Create & Launch A Product In 60 DAYS
  • Module 5 - 5 Simple Steps To Change Your Life
  • Module 6 - Raise Capital Through Crowdfunding
  • Module 7 - The Art Of Snippets
  • Module 8 - Mistakes That Cost You Money
  • Module 9 - Offline Video Funnels
  • Module 10 - Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur
  • Module 11 - The Art Of Distance Persuasion
  • Module 12 - Fame & Fortune With Video
  • Module 13 - Zen & The Art Of Webinars
  • Module 14 - The CSP Formula
  • Module 15 - Icon Engineering
  • Module 16 - Video Product Publishing
  • Module 17 - The Sales Vortex

Now You Can Learn Every
Secret Shared By The Experts At
The Coolest Marketing Event Ever!

You don't even have to leave your home to be part of all the fun!
This event was described by attendees as the most valuable and influential business building experience in their entire online career.

The Coolest Marketing Event Ever

100% Money Back Guarantee


Act During This Launch Special
And You'll Also Receive 2
Bonus Videos From Omar

Bonus Video 1
How To Record Awesome Videos On A Budget!
Watch how Omar sets up his soft box lights and easily records an "Apple Style" video with a crisp white background with just his cell phone!

Bonus Video 2
How To Edit Your Videos So They Look Amazing!
Watch how Omar takes the video he recorded above and turns it into a master squeeze page video by using a few "ScreenFlow" tricks!

Don't let another opportunity to get ahead slip through your fingers. Your purchase is 100% secure through JVZoo and if your not happy for any reason just let us know and we'll give you a full refund.

Millionaire Marketing Bootcamp


Dont Dilly Dally, Your Time Is Now!

It's time to take YOUR business to the next level. The marketers that you are about to learn from are literally the brightest in their fields. The tactics they share over the course of these 15 hours of video training are not "theory" they are practical methods that are WORKING NOW.

People pay thousadns of dollars in college and university tuition yet they fail to get the hardcore training from real experts in the field. Attendees of this bootcamp paid $197 on the price of admission alone not including meals, hotel and airfare but you're getting it all today for just one payment of only $197.00 meaning there's no additional costs involved.

Come join us along with the smartest Internet marketers on the planet and become part of the Millionaire Marketing Bootcamp. Once inside you'll be part of our elite private Facebook group. connect with the speakes and potential affiliates. This is how big business is done.

Take Action Now! We'll see you on the other side!

John Thornhill & Omar Martin






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